Our Mission:

To represent and defend those who cherish, possess, collect, inherit, sell, study, acquire and exhibit objects of cultural property.
  • To ensure national laws and international agreements of the United States government sufficiently protect dealers and collectors of cultural property against frivolous and unsubstantiated foreign claims.

  • To revise, amend and propose legislation to codify clear and unambiguous definitions of the terms “provenance,” “cultural significance,” “national importance,” and other such discretionary terms.

  • To educate and inform both government officials and the public of the significant philanthropic benefits of the long-standing legal art trade, including the protection, preservation, exhibition and study of ancient works of art.

  • To mentor and offer advice and service to the United States Government in its efforts to assist foreign nations in developing effective methods to prevent the destruction and loss of cultural property.

  • To recognize the misconstrued meaning of the term “provenance.” To replace such term, in legal context, with the IRS preferred term of “record keeping,” as it relates to the possession, sale, trade and transfer of cultural property.

  • To establish a consistent workable standard by which dealers, collectors, and museums can establish clear legal title to their collections and have this acknowledged in perpetuity by the international community.

  • To support the preservation and protection of cultural property around the globe. We also strongly support any effort by source countries to digitize and make publicly available, inventories and archives of all such objects known to exist within their modern day boundaries.

American Council for the Preservation of Cultural Property

845 Third Avenue

New York, NY 10022

ACPCP is a 501c4  organization